Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hey people :D im Hannah and this is my blog *tada!* well i dont have a computer of my own ( i wish i did though) and i dont get on the family computer often so dont expect updates that often.

well a little about me im 14 and love reading, i love the way you can just lose your self in another world and forget about your own life. a few books that im in love with are;
The Gallagher Girls
Dark Heavens Series
Journey to Wudang
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Kane Chronicles
ummm and some others :) like i said i love reading

ive never been out of Australia or on a commercial plane. i really want to travel and i am later this year, not out of the country but to Kowanyama west of Cairns :D im going to be volounteering up there :)

what am i going to put on here? im not really sure but probably stuff on how im going getting ready to go to Kow (short for Kowanyama, if you didnt get it) and stuff like book updates/reviews and stuff. so look out for me! :)